I’ve been buying and playing role-playing games since the late 70’s. Many of the games I once owned are gone, lost to my many moves, moods, and episodes of megalomania. Some I have purchased again, but the majority are gone for good. I like role-playing games and continue to buy them, although in the last few years my enthusiasm for new games had died. I’d rather pick up and play one of the many games that sit on my shelves. The easiest way to count these games is by shelf, and I shall proceed through the six shelves laden with rpgs.

Shelf One

From left to right sit several Warhammer Fantasy Battles supplements, primarily chaos demons, followed by Mordheim, rules of skirmish-level miniature battles. These don’t actually count as role-playing game although they certainly describe a fantasy world.

Ten volumes of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay follow, the main rules, many supplements, and a few adventures. This is the third edition of the game, I believe, now superseded by a new edition. I have not played this or former editions. They are beautiful books and the game received great reviews.

Next is The Dying Earth Role-Playing Game (DERPG), of which I have a good collection of the main rules, the core supplements, and a couple adventures. I have played it once, but would like to play it more.

Call of Cthulhu and Cthulhu Dark Ages are classics that I have never played. I used to have more volumes than I currently own. I have an old boxed set, circa I don’t know. I’ve never played this game.

Rounding out the shelf are two hardback games I haven’t played: Paranoia and Grimm. The first is a classic from the 1980s and the second is a d20 rules version of a fantasy world based on the stories of the Brothers Grimm.

Shelf Two

To the right of Shelf One and nearest my writing desk houses my current endeavor, Ars Magica Fifth Editon. I have played a lot of this game and written a dozen of the books.

Shelf Three

Below Shelf One, Shelf Three contains my old Advanced Dungeons and Dragons books, including my original copy of The Dungeon Master’s Guide.

Shelf Four

Atlas Games publishes Ars Magica, and this shelf is devoted to their catalog, including Ars Magica Fourth Edition, Unknown Armies, and several titles of their Penumbra line, a series of books published for the AD&D 3rd edition Open License material. Two unrelated works also reside here, The World’s Largest Dungeon, a $100, 831-page adventure bought during a more prosperous time, and Reign, written by Unknown Armies co-author Greg Stolze. I’ve never used either book, although I have used the One Roll Engine rules found in Reign for another game (Schism War II).

Shelf Five

Living under Shelf Three, Shelf Five has more Ars Magica books, one first edition book and all of the second and third edition material. I think I might be missing one, The Medieval Handbook, or something. I also have a few Dark Ages supplements, written for Dark Ages Vampire, which is unrelated to Cthulhu Dark Ages (but notice the medieval time-frame-theme). I have the core Dungeons and Dragons Third Edition rules and a few of the odder supplements, Hackmaster Basic, which is a spoof but an perfectly working rpg, Pendragon core rules, and a d20 version of Talislanta. I’ve played Ars Magica, but not the other books on this shelf.

Shelf Six

Actually two shelves, this shelf consists of two different shelves categorized together because the games would all fit on one shelf. I have played Star Wars Saga Edition and I have several of the supplements. I have played the newest Gamma World with my son; I think we are midway through the introductory adventure. The other box-sets are collector pieces more than games I’d play: Aftermath, Tunnels &Trolls, AD&D Dark Sun, the City of Greyhawk, andBarsaive, a cheepie I bought to a game I don’t own (Earthdawn). The other half-shelf has Burning Wheel, the original Chainmail and D&D supplements:Greyhawk, Blackmoor, Eldritch Wizardry, and the stapled paperback Deities & Demi-Gods, as well as some indie pamphlet-sized games like My Life with Master.

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