What did you do today?

I drew a picture of Ssendam, the Slaad Lord of the Insane.

I’ve been looking for a mascot for Metropollwog. I started thinking about anthropomorphic frogs and toads, as such would seem to live in a place called ‘Metropollwog’. I asked my son what sorts of D&D creatures he could think of that remind him of toads and frogs. I think looked up the difference between toads and frogs, because despite growing up in the country and spending summers not wearing shoes, I didn’t really know the difference. He came back at me with a race of evil mermen called ‘sahuagin’, and spelled it from memory.  I didn’t think that was quite the  right fit.

Thumbing through the the Fiend Folio, that odd-ball collection of monsters that made everyone hiccup in 1979. Well, it made us Yanks hiccup, because it was mostly inspired by a bunch of UK authors. But anyway, within its musty covers my paging thumbs found the Slaad, evil, chaos spawn toad creatures who worshiped a pair of crazy deities: Ssendam, the Lord of the Insane and Ygori, the Lord of Entropy.

Ssendam is described as a golden amoeba with a human brain instead of a nucleus. Heck, I thought, I can draw that. So today I did. In between assignments, using office supplies (copy paper, a black pen, and a Sharpie), I drew Ssendam, the Lord of the Insane.

The second deity, Ygori, is described as skeletal, black, flightless, bat-winged, 12′ tall man wielding a sickle with ‘death’ inscribed on the blade, riding a neutral huge ancient brass dragon named Shkiv.

That illustration might take a little longer, but I’m determined to give it a go.

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