A is for Amphisbæna

A is for dangerous Amphisbæna,
The double-walker out of Africa.


Faerie Might: 20 (Terrram)
Characteristics: Int —2, Per +3, Pre —3, Com —2, Str 0, Sta +1, Dex +3, Qik +4
Size: —2
Virtues & Flaws: Monstrous Appearance; External Vis ; Faerie Beast, Faerie Speech, Great Quickness, 5 x Improved Damage (poisonous bite), Lesser Power, 2 x Personal Power; Slow Might Recovery; Incognizant, Traditional Ward (coriander flowers)
Personality Traits: Maleficent +3, Determined +2
Bite: Init +4, Atk +13, Dfn +12, Dam +11
Wound Penalties: —1 (1—3), —3 (4—6), — 5 (7—9), Incapacitated (10—12), Dead (13+)
Pretenses: Area Lore: Libya 3 (oases), Athletics 4 (quick slithering), Brawl 6 (bite)
The Searing Darts, 4 points, Init +2, Form: Darts of fire shoot from the Amphisbæna’s eyes, doing +10 Damage.
(CrIg Base 10, +2 Voice)
Silent Motion, 1 points, Constant, Imaginem: As described in RoP: F, page 62.
Invisibility, 2 points, Init +2, Imaginem: As described in RoP: F, page 62.
Supernatural Agility, 3 points, Constant, Terram: As per RoP: F, page 62, the Amphisbæna can form itself into a hoop and move very quickly.
Vis: Four pawns in its skin
Appearance: The Amphisbæna is a small snake with  heads on both ends of its body. The head in the front is slightly larger than the one in the rear, but since the snake can slither equally well forwards and backwards, it is hard to differentiate the two.
After slaying and decapitating the dreaded Medusa, Perseus decided to wing his way home directly, choosing a path that crosses Mythic Europe. Athena asked him to reroute this trip, since the spilled blood from the Gorgon’s severed head produced a nasty snake-monster whenever it splashed the ground. Happily acquiescing to the grey-eyed goddess’s wishes, Perseus detoured over the wild regions of Libya, where the monsters produced from the Medusa’s fallen blood would do little harm to civilization. Of course, such monsters – the Asp, the Basilisk, the Viper, and the Amphisbæna – discourage civilization from exploring the wild places.
The Amphisbæna prowls the deserts of Africa, lingering just outside oases and along popular trade routes. Its skin cures fevers, rheumatism, and prevents miscarriages, as well has containing the faerie’s external vis. It knows that people desire its skin, and regularly leaves small scales as bait for would-be hunters. Drawing the hunter into the desert, the Amphisbæna will ambush its pursuer, forming itself into a hoop and rolling from its hiding spot. Though small, the faerie is deadly, with a devastatingly poisonous bite and glowing eyes that shoot short jets of flame.
The Amphisbæna  feeds on the fear it engenders in communities, and the terror expressed by a dying victim.. While ruthless, it will sometimes bargain with those at its mercy, offering the victim his life in exchange for services rendered.
Story Seed: The Amphisbæna is feuding with its cousin, the Basilisk. Trapping a character, the Amphisbæna threatens to kill him unless he sneaks into the Basilisk’s house and steals its favorite ruby ring. The Amphisbæna takes something from the character as collateral (treasure, memories, or child). The character asks the magi for help.
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