A Creation a Day

Several of us Ars Magica freelancers and fans are spending large parts of our November creating a daily entity for the game.

Timothy Ferguson started it, with his “Thirty Objects of Desire” in his Games From Folktales blog. Each object can be used as a story seed or to start a longer story arc. Perfect for the Seekers among you. (The Bonisagus Seekers, not the fly-on-a-broom-catch-a-glowing-widget seeker.) Timothy seems to be trying a new style of writing, more of a historiographic approach than a typical rpg approach, and I’m enjoying it immensely.

I followed up with a Faerie a Day. I wanted to do a Monster a day, but Ben McFarland is working up a large Ars Magica monster codex, so I’m leaving the monsters to Ben. Doing a Faerie a day lets me read more fairy tales and exercise my faerie-making-creativity. You’ll find those here at Metropollywog.

CJ Romer, who has housed me during both of my visits to England, is making a Saint a Day, taking a real medieval saint and statistically modelling him/her for the game. His efforts, which are spectacular, can be found on the Atlas Games forums.

Finally, Darkwing – a chap I don’t know – is creating a magus a day in November. His blog, the Magi of Tom, can be found here.

There is a lot of momentum at this point, as so far we have two saints, two objects, two faeries, and one magus. I wonder if anyone else will join the fold. I hope Ars Magica fans like our efforts! (They are such a nice bunch, I’m sure they will, as long as we keep the chamber pots unnailed.)

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