E is for Elf-Bull

E is for Elf-Bull, the frisky bovine,
Ringing the herd with romance on his mind.


Faerie Might: 15 (Aquam)
Characteristics: Int —2, Per +1, Pre +3, Com +2, Str +1, Sta +1, Dex +1, Qik —2
Size: +1
Virtues & Flaws: Positive Folktales; Faerie Beast, Faerie Speech, 2 x Lesser Power, Personal Power; Lecherous; Incognizant, Traditional Ward (powerless over cows with red ribbons tied to their tails)
Personality Traits: Amorous +3, Virile +3
Horns: Init 0, Atk +8, Dfn +4, Dam +4
Soak: +1
Wound Penalties: —1 (1—6), —3 (7—12), — 5 (13—18), Incapacitated (19— 24), Dead (25+)
Pretenses: Athletics 2 (charging), Awareness 3 (heifers), Brawl 3 (horns), Charm 5 (heifers), Faerie Speech 3 (sweet nothings), Swim 4 (underwater)
The Sweet Whisperings of the Bovine Libertine, 3 points, Init —5, Animal: This power allows the Elf-Bull to speak with cows.
(Base 10, +1 Concentration, +2 Voice)

Return to Love’s Chamber, 5 points, Init —12, Animal: The Elf-Bull can plant a suggestion in the mind of any heifer he has mated with. The suggestion is to return to the glen where the pair conceived offspring as quickly as possible, bringing the offspring with her.
(Base 5, +4 Arcane Connection)

Repulse the Interrupter of Coitus, 5 points, Init —12, Corpus: The Elf-Bull’s sole offensive power, this effect hurls a person fifty feet in any direction the Elf-Bull desires. Upon landing the target takes +10 damage, although very soft or very hard landing areas should modifier the damage. Traditinally the Elf-Bull hurls a farmer who is trying to pull the Elf-Bull from its mating partner.
(Base 15, +2 Voice)

Vis: Three pawns of Aquam in its spiral horns
Appearance: The Elf-Bull looks like a squat, mouse-colored bull, with a longer than normal body, shorter than normal legs, spiral horns, and wet, glossy fur.

The Elf-Bull, or Crodh Mara (“water-bull”), is a type of water faerie. Found near rivers (in Ireland) or seawater inlets (Scotland), the Elf-Bull is a rapacious paramour. He travels the coast or riverbed looking for a nearby herd of cows. Selecting the best looking female, he summons her and guides her to a secret location, often a nearby faerie regio, for a romantic interlude. Always successful, this coupling produces a faerie-blooded calf. The offspring is always handsome, usually more intelligent than its mundane counterparts, and occasionally possess minor faerie powers.

Many farmers think this adds to the value of their herd, and that faerie-blooded cows will produce better milk or bring a better price at market. However, if the Elf-Bull, his dam, or any of the offspring are threatened or mistreated the Elf-Bull will recall his lover and all her children and guide them to a faerie regio where they will disappear forever.

Story Seed: A young magus comes to the covenant with a problem. A local farmer had asked the magus to help him lure an Elf-Bull to his herd, hoping that the Elf-Bull would select his best heifer as a mate. Thinking of classical myths, the magus changed into a heifer to attract the Elf-Bull, a ploy that proved too successful. Falling hopelessly in love with the cow-shaped magus, the Elf-Bull continues to follow him. The magus asks the covenant for help against the rutting Elf-Bull.

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