F is for Fomoraig

F is for Fomoraig, a Highland Brute,
Monstrous in size and bad to the root,
Envious of treasure, a seeker of loot,
Foul in the mind and ugly to boot.


Faerie Might: 20 (Corpus)
Characteristics: Int 0, Per +3, Pre —5, Com 0, Str +8 Sta +3, Dex +1, Qik —4
Size: +4
Virtues & Flaws: Monstrous Appearance; 2 x Huge; Faerie Sight, Faerie Speech, Human Form, Improved Powers, Lesser Power, 2 x Personal Power, Tough +1; Wrathful, 2 x Poor Presence; Incognizant, Traditional Ward (holy wafers)
Personality Traits: Angry +3, Destructive +3, Greedy for magic treasure +3
Fist: Init —4, Atk +8, Dfn +3, Dam +8
Club: Init —3, Atk +12, Dfn +6, Dam +11
Thrown Stone: Init —4, Atk +10, Dfn +3, Dam +10
Soak: +6
Wound Penalties: —1 (1—9), —3 (10—18), — 5 (19—27), Incapacitated (28— 36), Dead (37+)
Pretenses: Athletics 1 (standing up), Awareness 3 (searching), Brawl 6 (fist), Carouse 4 (staying intoxicated), Single Weapon 8 (club), Stealth 7 (sneaking up on people), Thrown Weapon 6 (rocks)
The Horrendous made Pure, 1 point, Init —5, Imaginem: This power cloaks the Fomoraig in an illusion of beauty. Its asymmetric features align, its back straightens, and its clothes become refined and well-tailored.
(Base 1, +2, Sun, +3 Size)

Sniff the Enchanted’s Scent, 1 point, Init —6, Vim: This power lets the Fomoraig smell magic, both enchanted items and recently cast spells.
(Base 10, +1 Diameter, +2 Smell)

The Pure made Horrendous, 1 point, Init —9, Corpus: The Fomoraig can distort and ruin a person’s physical features, making a target as asymmetric as the faerie. The target loses a point of Presence and takes a Light Wound. The wound will heal, but only magic can reshape the person’s features.
(Base 15, +1 Touch)

Equipment: rough hide clothing, club, sack full of rocks.
Vis: 4 pawns of Corpus vis in thick, rope-like stands of its hair.
Appearance: Standing from 13 to 15 feet-tall, the Fomoraig is an asymmetrically misshapen giant. The faerie typically wears untanned animal skins and wields an uprooted tree trunk as a club.

The Fomoraig is a Celtic faerie, found in Ireland, Scotland, The Isle of Man, and Wales. Each area calls the faerie a slightly different name, all variations of Fomoraig, and tells different legends about it. In some areas it is a solitary beast that sneaks into the village at night to steal the chief’s cattle, in others the Fomoraig is one of a race of giants that once ruled mankind. Some think it a water faerie, while others argue that it is originally an ancient pagan god from deep underground, lurking at the perimeter of society to snatch and devour those who stray too far from home.

Though not especially clever, the Fomoraig is rather crafty. Its sole desire is obtaining and amassing magical treasure, and once it is on the trail of enchanted loot nothing will deter it. Despite his size he is a natural sneak, and sprung from cover and surprised more than one travelling Redcap. But he does only prowl the highways and byways of Mythic Europe, and is just as content rushing headlong into a village or fortified camp if he knows magical loot lie within.

Story Seed: A Fomoraig attacks the covenant.

Story Seed: A Fomoraig attacks a wandering Redcap and steals a magic item intended for another magus. Escaping with his life, the Redcap asks the covenant to track down the Fomoraig and and retrieve the enchanted device. Are those tales about a race of Fomoraig true? One Fomoraig might be manageable, but two, three, or a dozen?

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