G is for Grim

G is for Grim, bounding ‘bout on the moor,
Drowning true love like a slobbering bore.


Faerie Might: 10 (Mentem)
Characteristics: Int 0, Per +2, Pre —4x, Com 0, Str 0, Sta +2, Dex +1, Qik +2
Size: 0
Virtues & Flaws: Negative Folktales; 2 x Ritual Power; Faerie Beast, Faerie Sight, Faerie Speech, 2 x Lesser Power; Narrowly Cognizant; Poor Presence, Traditional Ward (cannot cross a line of bread crumbs)
Personality Traits: Savage +3, Unforgiving +3
Bite: Init +2, Atk +8, Dfn +7, Dam +1
Soak: +2
Wound Penalties: —1 (1—5), —3 (6—10), —5 (11—15), Incapacitated (16— 20), Dead (21+)
Pretenses: Athletics 3 (running), Awareness (keeping watch), Brawl 3 (bite), Hunt 4 (track by scent)
Sounding the Frightful Baying, 3 points, Init —6, Mentem: The Grim’s howl causes fear in those who hear it. Up to ten people can be affected from one use of this power.
(Base 4, +2 Voice, +2 Group)

Grant Minor Flaw: Lost Love, 5 points, —8, Vim: The Grim snatches a surprised couple’s feelings of love, grabbing them in its vicious teeth as if they were a tender rabbit. As the Grim runs off with the feelings, one of the two lovers (selected by the Grim) gains the Lost Love Flaw. Even though his love is present, his feelings for her have been taken. The Flaw will vanish of the feelings of love are recovered from the Grim.

True Love’s Scent, 4 points, Init —6, Mentem: The Grim can smell love, and can track the emotional scent of love. The stronger the scent, like when couples are locked in a moon-lit embrace, the easier it is for the Grim to find.
(Base 5, +1 Concentration, +2 Smell)

Vis: Two pawns of Mentem vis, one in each long, shaggy ear.
Appearance: The Grim lis a large, black hound. He looks fiercer than the accompanying sketch; I felt like drawing a hound dog.

Another sneak (see “F is for Fomoraig”) the Grim is a nocturnal predator, slinking through hedges and fens in search of the secret places where clandestine lovers meet. He can smell the romantic emanations wafting from lovers, and will follow them to their midnight rendezvous. Just as their lips touch, the Grim leaps from cover, barking and baying and frightening both partners. As they stand frozen in fear, the Grim snaps at the air between them, capturing their love and dashing off. One of the two becomes hopelessly crestfallen, their feelings for their lover gone despite the other’s continuing presence. Unless the feelings are returned, the victim will spend the rest of his days forlorn.

The Grim buries the feelings on the moor, just like a regular hound buries a bone. Occasionally he eats the feelings, which permanently destroy them. Doing so permanently inflicts the victim with the Flaw Lost Love, and reduces the Grim’s Faerie Might Score. The Grim’s Might score will increase slowly, gaining one point every full moon until it reaches its maximum allowance.

Story Seed: Knowing that the local swamp is haunted by a Grim, a Flambeau magus goes in search of the beast, thinking it a magic creature instead of a faerie. At the same time, a local baron goes to the covenant asking for help. He had been setting his daughter up with another baron’s son – hoping to gain parts of the other baron’s lands – and just as his efforts came to fruition his daughter returned from the swamp crying. After being frightened by a huge black dog, her lover was no longer interested. Can the magi track down the Grim before the Flambeau does?

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