K is for Killmoulis

K is for Killmoulis, the Miller’s best man,
A practical joker who still lends a hand.


Faerie Might: 5 (Terram)
Characteristics: Int 0, Per 0, Pre —2, Com 0, Str +3, Sta —1, Dex +1, Qik +2
Size: —2
Virtues & Flaws: Positive Folktales; Immunity to Fire; Faerie Sight, Faerie Speech, Humanoid Faerie, Lesser Power, Premonitions; Little; Incognizant, Traditional Flaw (salt)
Personality Traits: Hard Working +3, Temperamental +3
Kick: Init +1, Atk +6, Dfn +6, Dam +2
Soak: —1
Wound Penalties: —1 (1—3), —3 (4—6), — 5 (7—9), Incapacitated (10—12), Dead (13+)
Pretenses: Awareness 2 (visitors), Brawl 4 (kick), Carouse 3 (dancing at midnight), Premonitions 5 (danger to the miller’s family)
The Unseen Killmoulis, 1 point, Init —1, Terram: Like the Hermetic spell, The Unseen Porter.
(Base 3, +2 Voice, +1 Conc, +1 Requisites)
Equipment: Borrowed miller’s tools
Vis: One pawn Terram in his nose.
Appearance: Another ugly faerie, the Killmoulis has no mouth and a huge nose. To eat it stuffs morsels of bread up its nostrils. Dark brown and hairy, the Killmoulis refuses to wear clothes.

The Killmoulis lives in a mill with the miller’s family. During the day he helps the miller grind flour. At night he sleeps in the forge, making a bed of the banked coals. A willful sprite, the Killmoulis delights in practical jokes. He likes pulling chairs out from under people, and silently sliding obstacles in their path. Customers and family members are the usual targets, and occasionally the miller if the Killmoulis doesn’t get its evening’s portion of buttered bread.

No matter how wild its practical jokes get, the Killmoulis will never cause major injuries. It always obeys the miller who owns the mill. The faerie is very protective over the miller and his family, and will always sound a warning before any dire threat happens. While troublesome at times, millers enjoy the Killmoulis’ assistance and powers of divination. Most millers know a special rhyme to say to make the Killmoulis behave. According to local talk, every mill in northern territories of the Stonehenge Tribunal has a resident Killmoulis.

Story Seed: The covenant’s local miller does not have a Killmoulis. When the king of the fearies hears of this abomination, he quickly send applicants. Two particularly nasty Killmoulises appear, each using its telekinetic abilities to show how powerful each is. Tipping over barrels, spilling flour, and knocking the millstone out of alignment, the pair continue their display regardless of the miller’s request for them to cease. Hustling to the covenant, he asks the magi for help. He wants a Killmoulis, but only one.

Story Seed: A forlorn Killmoulis shows up at the cathedral, depressed because his mill burned down and killed the miller and his family. Unemployed and despondent, the faerie causes trouble by knocking over candles and upending the baptismal font. The cathedral deans ask the magi for help removing the faerie. It is an easy enough job, but during it the magi discover that the cathedral does not have a Divine aura, and that something insidious is going on. Working with the Killmoulis, the magi discover that the deans have sold off the cathedral’s relics and replaced them with fakes, lining their own pockets with cash at the community’s expense.

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