L is for the Linton Worm

L is for Linton, a mochel foul worm,
Its poisonous breathe, would the neighbors harm.
The people’s hero, the knight Somerville,
Bested the beast up on Wormington Hill.

The Linton Worm

Faerie Might: 25 (Terram)
Characteristics: Int —2, Per —2, Pre —5, Com 0, Str +7, Sta +3, Dex +5, Qik +1
Size: +2
Virtues & Flaws: Monstrous Appearance; 2 x Greater Power, External Vis Source, Huge, Immunity to Iron; Faerie Beast, Faerie Speech, 2 x Great Dexterity; 2 x Poor Presence, Narrowly Cognizant, Traditional Ward (Peat)
Personality Traits: Despoiler +3
Bite: Init +1, Atk +15, Dfn +9, Dam +10
Soak: +3
Wound Penalties: —1 (1—7), —3 (8—14), — 5 (15—21), Incapacitated (22— 28), Dead (29+)
Pretenses: Awareness 1 (breakfast), Brawl 6 (bite), Faerie Speech 4 (local history)
Fiery Breathe, 0 points, Init +0, Ignem: Jets of flame shoot from the worm’s mouth causing +15 damage and setting combustible material alight.
(Base 15, +2 Voice)

Poisonous Breathe, 0 points, Init +0, Auram: A sickly-green cloud issues from the worm’s lips, causing a Medium Wound to the target.
(Base 5, +2 Voice, +2 unnatural)

Vis: Five pawns of Terram vis in fossil hidden deep in the Worm’s lair.
Appearance: The Linton Worm is a pale, fleshy-colored serpent, 12 feet long and limbless.

Linton Hill sits in the sleep county of Roxburgh, on the border between the Loch Leglean and Stonehenge Tribunals. According to tradition, in the early 12th century the village was plagued by a 12-foot-long worm. Every morning the worm would slip from its hole and devour children, cattle, and men. Invulnerable to weapons, it terrorized the countryside, expelling either fiery breathe or
poisonous clouds from is mouth.

Sir John of Sommerville, a southern knight, investigated. He noticed that the only other time the worm opened its mouth was to eat, which it did each morning and night. The next morning he tied a wad of burning peat to the end of his lance and charged. Thinking that the horse and rider were breakfast, the worm opened its mouth. With careful aim Sommerville rammed the burning spike down the beast’s throat. Mortally wounded, the worm retreated to his hole. His writhing death throes formed rivulets and furrows in the hills, which are still present.

Story Seed: The worm returns, this time more cautious in choosing its meals. It against starts terrorizing the area. Several magi want to destroy the beast, but a question of jurisdiction arises. Is it the Stonehenge magi’s to hunt or the Loch Leglean’s? A Scottish Flambeau and an English Tytalus Wizard War over who gets first crack at the worm. Meanwhile, the village is being destroyed. Can the magi help?

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