Taking a breather

I knew November would be nuts. It is the busiest month of my work year, during which I log 50- to 60-hour work weeks. That isn’t so bad when I’m solo, but it’s rough when my son is with me, which he is every other week. This weekend, he’s spending time with my brother and his family. As much as I miss my son, I’m blessed with having a large family that lives close by. I watch my nieces and nephews to help them out, and my brothers and sister help me when they can.

But that has nothing to do with faeries. I thought creating a faerie a day would be a challenge, but I had no idea the energy it actually takes. I’m exhausted. Each entry is about 500 words, which is hardly a lot of writing, especially considering that stats take up a huge percentage of each entry. Essentially, I just write a couple of short paragraphs describing the faerie. It takes time to come up with the stats, especially the faerie’s magical powers, but I’m getting pretty good at that part. Researching takes a chunk of time as well, flipping through my few source books and selecting a faerie that I think would be fun to create. Each faerie gets a poem, which as bad as they are prove challenging. Finally, I draw a simple sketch of each creature. That takes time, too. Right now I’m waiting for the ink to dry on three sketches so I can erase the pencil lines before scanning them.

Other folks are doing this as well – making some crazy creative commitment for November. There is of course the National Write a Novel in November event (is that what it is called) and a Create a Game equivalent. Several of my friends and freelance colleagues have committed to similar activities, all of which are more challenging than mine, I think. CJ’s saints, Timothy’s Objects, Christian’s Story Seeds,  are all greater challenges than my meager commitment. Still, simple as making a faerie every day is, it’s wiping me out! Well, it alone isn’t, but added to my plate of “stuff I gotta do” I’m pretty fatigued.

Listen to me bitch! Forgive me. I forget how lucky I am. They say that if you are Irish then you have all the luck you need. I don’t know how Irish I am anymore – My family has been in the States for a long time, my Irish forefather fought in the American Revolution – but I certainly am lucky to have a great family, a beautiful son, a job that pays for my champagne lifestyle (that is a bad in-joke), and to be a member of the Ars Magica freelance team. Someone once called us David Chart’s harem, which I thought was funny. (He is the line editor.) I’m happy to be one of the Ars Magica Harem.

Oof. I just reread this drivel. Hell, I’m tired and I’ll post it anyway. Ink is dry. I’m off.

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One Response to Taking a breather

  1. Matt Ryan says:

    Well, the library is closed, so no scanning today. And since I’m not coming to campus tomorrow – my one day off – scanning will have to wait until Monday.

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