O is for Oakmen

O is for Oakmen, lying in wait,
With a tasty breakfast that seals your fate.


Faerie Might: 15 (Herbam)
Characteristics: Int +1, Per +3, Pre—2, Com —2, Str +1, Sta +3, Dex —2, Qik 0
Size: —2
Virtues & Flaws: Negative Reaction; Greater Power; Faerie Sight, Faerie Speech, Humanoid Faerie, Lesser Power, Tough; Little; Incognizant, Traditional Ward (sunlight)
Personality Traits: Patient +3, Determined +2
Claws: Init —1, Atk +5, Dfn +8, Dam +3
Soak: +6
Wound Penalties: —1 (1—3), —3 (4—6), — 5 (7—9), Incapacitated (10—12), Dead (13+)
Pretenses: Awareness 3 (victims), Brawl 4 (claws), Faerie Speech 3 (forest slang), Hunt 4 (track poisoned victims), Stealth 6 (hiding)
The Fungal Taint, 4 points, Init —4, Herbam: This power poisons an edible plant. The plant remains poisonous for the duration of the power. Anyone who eats the plant while it is poisonous must make a Stamina check of 9 or receive a Heavy Wound.
(Base 20, +1 Touch, +2 Sun)

Disguise the Rotten Meal, 1 point, Init —1, Imaginem: This illusion makes a rotten meal look, smell, and taste good.
(Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun)

Disguise of the Motionless Oakman, 1 point, Init —1, Imaginem: This illusion makes the Oakman look like a natural shrub. The effect is dispelled as soon as the Oakman moves.
(Base 1, +2 Sun)

Serenity of the Quiet Glen, 5 points, Init —10, Mentem: This power puts everyone in a well-defined, room-sized glen to sleep.
(Base 4, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +2 Room)
Vis: Three pawns of Herbam vis somewhere in the Oakman’s skin bark.
Appearance: The Oakmen are squat, dwarf-creatures with bark skin and leaves instead of hair. Their hands end in thick, branchlike claws.

The Oakmen are short, dwarfish tree faeries that live in the larger forests of the Rhine, Novgorod, and Transylvania Tribunals. They live in quiet glens, with they bait in hopes of luring travelers to their doom. They make a pile of bad food, typically picked forest mushrooms, which they disguise to make look delicious and then poison. Once the trap is set, they linger around the glen’s perimeter disguised as small shrubs.

Most dinners who eats the food are poisoned. If anyone survives this attempt, the Oakmen invoke their Serenity of the Quiet Glen power, to cause them to fall asleep. Once the group is poisoned and/or sleeping, the Oakmen tie them up and drag them to a secret lair, another forest glen that is much more remote than the trap site. There, the Oakmen eat their captives. Interested only in human flesh, the Oakmen leave the victims’ possessions lying about.

Story Seed: A Redcap has gone missing. While this is important enough, he left the Transylvania Tribunal carrying a special magic item, one requested by a Bonisagus researcher from a reluctant Criamon archivist. Thinking that the Criamon has staged a crime, the Bonisagus magus asked the characters to investigate and follow the Redcap’s trail, which leads through some of Hungary’s deepest, darkest forests. The Redcap was caught and eaten by Oakmen, and his treasure lays unnoticed on the floor of their secret lair. The Redcap’s trail leads to the Oakmen’s trap, which is reset and waiting.

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