R is for Rhudda Gawr

R is for Rhudda Gawr, king of North Wales,
Collector of beards in King Arthur’s tale.

Rhudda Gawr

Faerie Might: 30 (Corpus)
Characteristics: Int —2, Per 0, Pre —2, Com —2, Str +7, Sta +2, Dex +3, Qik —2
Size: +2
Virtues & Flaws: Negative Reaction; 2 x Greater Power, Huge; Faerie Speech, Humanoid Faerie; Proud; Incognizant, Traditional Ward (pig fat)
Personality Traits: Egotistical +3, Warlike +2
Fist: Init —2, Atk +9, Dfn +4, Dam +7
Two-Handed Sword: Init +0, Atk +16, Dfn +8, Dam +16
Soak: +2 (+5)
Wound Penalties: —1 (1—7), —3 (8—14), — 5 (15—21), Incapacitated (22— 28), Dead (29+)
Pretenses: Athletics 2 (climbing), Brawl 5 (fist), Faerie Speech 4 (threats), Great Weapon 7 (two-handed sword), Guile 3 (lying to maidens), Leadership 3 (intimidate)
Summon the Courageous Combatant, 3 points, Init —8, Mentem: Rhudda Gawr can force a person to fight by implanting the idea in the target’s thinking.
(Base 4, +2 Voice, +1 Diam)

Silence the Strategic Brawler, 5 points, Init —7, Corpus: This power grants the Minor Virtue: Berserk to the target, who is instantly overwhelmed with berserk rage. While this does make the combatant more savage, it eliminates any subtle or clever strategies he might have had.
(Special, Range: Voice, Duration: Diam)

Endurance of the Beserk, 3 points, Init —8, Corpus: As the Hermetic spell but with Duration: Diameter, which is 20 combat rounds.
(Base 10, +1 Diam)

Gift of the Bear’s Fortitude, 4 points, Init —12, Corpus: As the Hermetic spell but at Duration: Diameter.
(Base 15, +1 Diam)

Equipment: two-handed sword, size-appropriate chainmail, and his cloak of beards
Vis: Six pawns of Corpus vis in six of the 28 beards woven into his fur cloak.
Appearance: Rhudda Gawr is an ugly, gap-toothed giant dressed in dirty chainmail and a long, fur cloak. 28 beards are woven into the cloak.

Rhudda Gawr is a Welsh giant killed long ago by King Arthur. According to the story, Rhudda Gawr, or “Red Giant”, was a faerie king in north Wales. Frustrated from his neighboring kings’ bickering, he decided to conquer the entire island. He challenged 28 kings to personal combat, killing them and taking their beards as trophies. He stitched the beards into a long cloak, which he wore night and day.

Eventually King Arthur was the only English king left. Accepting Rhudda Gawr’s challenge, King Arthur met and felled the brute on the field of battle. Fearing that the faerie’s death might not end its recent conquests, Arthur asked his wizard Merlin to built and enchant a cairn that would keep the faerie dormant. Merlin constructed the cairn atop Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales and former seat of Rhudda Gawr’s territory. Thus entombed, in a physically elevated place of importance, Rhudda Gawr has remained buried.

Story Seed: Snowdon lies coincidentally close to Cad Gadu, the Domus Magna of House Ex Miscellanea. Pouring through the House’s admittedly shoddy records, a Hermetic researcher discovers that the covenant’s original site was atop the mountain, not down by the nearly lake. Blindly following her curiosity, she finds the cairn at Snowdon’s summit and starts removing stones. She awakens Rhudda Gawr, who explodes from his “death” in a rage. Killing and then eating her head, Rhudda Gawr pillages Cad Gadu before disappearing into the mist-covered mountains of Wales. The magi are asked to track down and slay the giant. During the hunt, a pair of Ex Mescellanea point out that the researcher was from the same House as the most prominent PC magus. They express the idea that the researcher and the hunters are in collusion, and that the entire event was a (successful) plot to destroy Cad Gadu.

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