V is for Valkyrie

V is for Valkyrie, woman of war,
Taking the dead to the great  halls of yore.


Faerie Might: 20 (Mentem)
Characteristics: Int +1, Per +1, Pre +2, Com +1, Str +1, Sta +1, Dex +2, Qik 0
Size: 0
Virtues & Flaws: Positive Folktales; 2 x Greater Power; Faerie Sight, Faerie Speech, Humanoid Faerie, Lesser Power; Narrowly Cognizant; Intangible Form; Traditional Ward (Christian religious symbols)
Personality Traits: Conniving +3, Convincing +2
Long Sword & Sheild: Init +2, Atk +12, Dfn +9, Dam +7
Soak: +7
Wound Penalties: —1 (1—5), —3 (6—10), —5 (11—15), Incapacitated (16— 20), Dead (21+)
Pretenses: Faerie Lore (Norse pantheon), Faerie Speech (keening), Folk Ken 3 (mourners), Guile 5 (convincing the skeptical), Single Weapon 5 (long sword & shield)
Loosely Material, 1 point, Init —5, Corpus: The Valkyrie can assume a flesh form, see RoP: F, page 59.
(Base 25; special)

The Call to Slumber, 1 point, Init —1, Mentem: As the Hermetic spell but at Range: Eye
(Base 4, +1 Eye)

The Statue of the Dreaming Sleeper, 4 points, Init —5, Mentem: The Valkyrie changes the target’s conscious mind into a small stone statue, representative of the target. The mind can think, if it is away, but cannot sense the world outside nor control its body. The Valkyrie then takes this statue and hides it in her regio. Note that the target does not have to be asleep for this power to work. A sleeping target often stays asleep and does not notice the discomfort of its body being absent minded.
(Base 25, +1 Touch, +3 Month)

Odin’s Breath, 4 point, Init —8, Auram: A think fog forms around a point designated by the target. The fog is large enough to cover a small battlefield and is affected by wind and weather conditions normally.
(Base 2, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +3 size adjustment)
Equipment: Scandinavian style broadsword, round shield, and chainmail armor.
Vis: Four pawns of Mentem in the Valkyrie’s exhaled breath.
Appearance: According to Scandinavian mythology, the Valkyrie appears as a woman-warrior dressed for battle.

The faerie Valkyrie is a pagan spirit creature charged with taking the souls of the battlefield’s dead to the great hall of Odin, effectively the Viking heaven.  She might be one of the dísir, a group of Germanic spirits that interact with mankind in various ways, but it is hard to say for certain. Most sightings occur in the Stonehenge, Rhine, and Novgorod Tribunals, areas traditional associated with Teuton and Scandinavian pagan worship.

With the ascension of Christianity, the Valkyrie was forced to change the way she interacted with people. Instead of shuffling slain heroes to Odin’s mead hall, she prowls old battlefields looking for those who have come to remember the dead. She admits to knowing the mourner’s dead friend, and asks the mourner if they would care to visit their loved one. If they agree, she magically induces slumber, and then steals their consciousness and pockets in inside a remote faerie regio. She has not intention of returning the mourner’s consciousness, and if others stumble upon the sleeping body the Valykrie says that the mourner decided to stay with her loved one in Odin’s hall.

If she is refused she becomes angry and threatens the person, warning them that if they don’t comply and come to Odin’s hall, then their loved one will suffer. She will engage combative types in combat, enacting her role as a shield-maiden, but at some point will try to turn the target’s mind solid, at which point returns to her initial plan and takes the consciousness to her secret regio.

Story Seed: On a routine journey the magi and their companions take a new shortcut to shave off a few hours of the walk. They come across a fog-covered field containing a dozen sleeping woman. Efforts to wake the women fail. As the group separates to explore the situation, a Valkyrie steps from the mist and asks the character if he wants to visith his loved ones at Odin’s mead hall. Eventually realizing that he is not a mourner, she still offers to take him to the mead hall, perhaps to visit the women who are already there. Can the magi save the women or do they leave them slumbering?

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2 Responses to V is for Valkyrie

  1. Lasse Rohde says:

    Hi Matt

    Incredible work! Not the Valkyrie in itself mind you, but the entire ‘A Faerie A Day’ series. I understand how you could run out of steam at this point – I would have been proud just creating a handful of those Faeries over half a year. Also, my November was so busy i couldn’t find time to really read it through with care and attention till now – thus the delayed comment on your work.

    I really enjoyed the read, and found the new takes on many of the ‘commonly known’ creatures very inspiring. The alphabet take on it was brilliant, as it kept the readers guessing! Sometimes we were right, when ‘M’ or ‘U’ turned up – but mostly we (read: I) were far off 😉

    Ready to use detailed stats are always nice and the drawings helped aid the understanding of the more weird creatures. The true brilliance, however, was the result of your putting a lot of thought into the motivation of creatures and how/why these were Faeries. The flavour of the poems fitted well enough into the theme as well, and some of the Story seeds were amazing. I’m going to steal at least a couple of those seeds/Fearies for my Saga.

    Thanks again
    Lasse Rohde

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