Down for the Count

I’m done. Exhausted. Long-Term Fatigue. The fat lady has sung. I won’t be finishing A Faerie A Day in November. I don’t have the juice.

Thanks to the 30 or so faithful readers who stopped by during the month. I might have one or two more faeries left in me, but I don’t have the umph to create seven or eight to fill out the month. It would be nice to finish the alphabet, but I can’t do that to a deadline. Not now, not with other things going on.

Time to shift over to my personal blog. During the holidays my family mentioned that they missed reading my personal writing. Considering the current situation in my personal life – and how much my family means to me – I’m shifting gears from game blogging to personal life blogging. Join me if you wish, but be warned. My personal life is much tamer than the joint-eater, borometz, Linton Worm, and psychically damaged Minotaur.


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2 Responses to Down for the Count

  1. MarioJPC says:

    You have made one great job.
    I’ll write one spanish faeric beast known Highlander Goat/cabra Montesina
    Soon on the AG forum and my blog.
    Thanks by your job.

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