Please Stand By

we are experiencing technical (emotional) difficulties. Recent events still have me in a half-nelson, and while bloodied I’m far from incapacitated.

I finished Barry Cunliffe’s The Celts: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford UP, 2003), which was fantastic read-while-I-walk-home reading. Concise and factual, I started thinking about how I could use it in an Ars Magica saga.

Speaking of sagas, I found an old short story I started years ago called, “The Saga of Pelios Cod.” I like the title. It describes one wizard’s efforts in staging a complicated murder of another wizard. Unfortunately, only the initial stages of Pelios’ plot are penned. Before I can finish the story I have to remember how Pelios was going to kill his target, who coincidentally is named Mattaeus, the Latin translation of Matthew. Wonder what I was going through back then. My plan is to start editing and hope it jogs my rusty memory into gear. Once it’s up to snuff, well, once it’s at the point where it doesn’t make the reader gag (hopefully), I’ll post it here at Metropollywog.

In other news, my son August is in a play tonight. He stars as “the corpse”. I think its an original play authored by his mates at the Lehman Alternative Community School, which I affectionately call “the hippie school”. Hey, I’m old enough to know real hippies, the first wave, back when a herd of long-hairs built tepees on the neighbor’s cow pasture. Speaking of corpses, my next book has been announced, Hermetic Projects. It’s not the world’s sexist title, I admit. The table of contents is online, so I won’t spoil and surprises (or break any Non-Disclosure Agreements) saying that I wrote the chapter: The Living Corpse. It’s cool, Cousin Eerie cool, but I can’t say more until it’s released.

Back to my son – I know, I’m a little disjointed – he called me on his mobile phone to say that he’s heading straight to the auditorium after school and I’m to meet him there later for the performance. Love getting marching orders from a 12-year-old. But, he’s got a ride there and he’ll stay there until I get him so it’s all cool. He’s a good son and I’m lucky to have him. So I’ll walk from the auditorium I’m sitting in – my day job, dude – to the auditorium he is performing in, and we’ll have a night of auditoriums and then a late dinner.

Up next on my read-while-I’m-walking list is Charles Squire’s Celtic Myths and Legends, Revised Edition (The Career Press Inc., 2001), originality published in 1910. I’m still looking for a way to hook all this Celtic lore into an Ars Magica idea. My initial intent is targeted toward re-envisioning House Diedne. Were they a group of cannibalistic sorcerers that drank blood and dined on human viscera, or where they wisemen and wisewomen who served their tribe as spiritual leaders during the violent years of Rome’s conquest of Gaul? Or both? Or neither? Or . . . you get the idea.

Tune in tomorrow for more mindless musings.

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