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Hows it going, people? I’m sorry about my 1st post. It is a pretty common realization. I would like to take a moment to talk about D&D. I love D&D (or Dungeons and Dragons, for those of you who have never plated before) because it is a great use of imagination. I play one of the coolest characters in the history of characters. He is a human cleric who was transformed into a bear by a reincarnation spell. Amazingly, the Dungeon Master let me continue to play him. The he did something I didn’t forgive him for until recently. Apparently, one of the characters was killed by a doppelganger hired by the thieves guild we were trying to destroy. One night, the doppelganger snuck into our house and blew it up. Bam. Just like that, every ones dead. One player was so mad at him that she quit. As it turned out, my…

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