“No Time for Love Doctor Jones!”

My cycle is winding up again. I was performing like mad during November, writing everyday and working 50-hour weeks. Although it was exhausting, I’m happy to have had the extra work. I’ve got money for Christmas presents and have managed to save a good chunk for some upcoming legal fees. All anticipated. All good.

I crashed during the American Thanksgiving holiday. Not the Canadian Thanksgiving, let’s not get into that can of cranberry sauce, but the late November American recognition of the holiday. Makes me wonder what really happened. In grade school, back in the 70’s – that’s right, the effin 70’s – I was told that the Indians saved the Pilgrims and they all wore stovepipe hats and ate corn and turkey. I wonder what really happened, and if the Native Americans ever regretted helping the Blue-Eyed Devils. Anyway, I crashed and am just now getting back into the groove of things.

Some of it I can talk about and some I can’t. The stuff I can’t mention is very exciting. I was up at 5:30 this morning hammering away at it. The stuff I can talk about is also cool as beans at a barbecue. I’m putting the gaming group back together. We’ll meet at my place this Saturday for turkey and a first session of the D&D Gamma World rpg. Turkey? Yes, turkey. My son Aug volunteers at the free food pantry on Tuesdays, handing out free food to the less fortunate. “Less fortunate” what a phrase. Handing out food to ordinary friggin’ people because the cost of living has grown so astronomical that regular hardworking families are being hard pressed to put food on the table and it ain’t going to change until the middle class realizes how f***ed it is and wakes up . . . oh, there is no more middle class, just unconscious consumers that are one paycheck away from financial ruin . . .

Whoa, I’ve been paying too much attention to those rural sociology classes. Where was I?

Aug hands out food on Tuesdays at a local food pantry and is always given something to take home with him. I didn’t know that he regularly left with food because most of the time its cookies or a snack that he eats well before he gets home. But not this Tuesday. This Tuesday he lugged a frozen turkey from the pantry, to school, then on the bus to the bus stop, then along the six block walk home. He lugged a frozen turkey home! How cool is that. We have to eat it. So, I had offered to cook pasta for the gang when they descended to my pad for Saturday’s game. Now, forget pasta, we’re having turkey. And since I’m roasting a turkey I might as well fix all the trimmings. I was in Ohio for Thanksgiving – a series of blog posts I’m overdue on but will get to – and didn’t cook a thing. Now I’ll cook everything.

I’ve run a few test sessions of D&D Gamma World since I got it last Christmas, I think exclusively with Aug. I always ask for a role-playing game on Christmas. The tradition continues and this year I’ve asked Santa for the Pathfinder Beginner Box. Aug will also ask Santa for a role-playing game, and I hope Aug reads this because, August:

Make your Christmas list already! (sorry to shout but he has a hard time hearing me over the new Beatles: Rockband game)

But I haven’t run a proper set of linked adventures for Gamma World. I’ll start the gang off with character generation and then launch into “Famine in Far-Go”, the first released expansion that I bought a year ago and just cracked the binding on this morning. An automatic chicken factory goes crazy and produces killer chicken-mutants that terrorize the town. Perfect. I’ll make it an automated turkey factory – yeah, you get it – and we’ll have a rip roaring time. “Pass the gravy and the ammo, daddy-o, I’m goin’ to Fargo!”

This picture has nothing to do with anything, but I like it, so in it goes.

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2 Responses to “No Time for Love Doctor Jones!”

  1. Dyson Logos says:

    It is indeed an awesome, and unrelated, picture. Do you know from whence it comes? (Or, as the interwebz says, “Sauce?”)

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