Still Kicking

I feel a small obligation to post something this afternoon. Anything. Just to let my dozen faithful followers know that I’m still kicking. I’ve been working on a paid writing project that I’m trying to finish up. I’m hoping to dot the last “i” this Friday, but I might not make that deadline.

Couple quick updates: D&D Gamma World was a success. My friends had a good time, even though the first combat encounter took us almost two hours to slog through. D&D Gamma World – I love using the whole title – offers all sorts of fiddly bits for players: alpha mutations, omega technology, primary origin powers and skills, secondary origin powers and skis, whew. We also had to learn the rules in the saddle, as it were. We aren’t D&Ders, so we had to get used to some standard conventions. Ah, move action, standard action, free action, something else. Minor action! That was all new. But, the folks like it enough to do it again, and we might turn our one-night-eat-a-lot-of-turkey-and-play-D&D-Gamma-World into a regular event. Minus the turkey.

Speaking of which, and not to be vulgar but to add emphasis, I can cook a fughan turkey. That baby was mouth-watering, the meat sliding off the bone like a slapper off a street corner. It was good. And, even better, the gravy was fantastic. Dan and Nat were late – but the pie was worth it – so I cooked and cooked and cooked the gravy, reducing it down to the smoothest gravy I’ve ever cooked. Dammit, doctor, it was really good.

Aug asked me to save him the turkey legs and I did. Perhaps I’ll wrap them in bacon, Ron Swanson style.

Okay, breaks over. Back to the grind.

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