Waits and Measures

Although I don’t really know what I’m waiting for.

I’ve been playing cards with KC, a woman I’ve known for a few years and have recently been getting to know better. We’ve been riding bicycles together, which has been awesome, and I think I’ve logged between 300 and 400 miles this summer on the saddle. With cold weather coming (although I bundled up and rode to work today), we’ve switched to indoor activities. The game du jour is cribbage, and we’ve been keeping a tally of our wins. At the moment, I’m one game up.

Aug has watched a few games and last night asked if I’d teach him to play. Cribbage is an odd game, but fairly easy to learn, and he picked it up in one or two hands. And boy did he pick it up; he had some doozy hands, finishing with three 6’s and a 4 with a 5 as the starter card. I scored it as a 21 point hand. Damn.

Double damn, I measured him this morning for a winter coat – chest and sleeve length – and he wanted me to measure his height. He is 5 foot 11-and-a-half inches tall. At 13-years-of-age. And he has the faint shadow of a mustache dirtying his upper lip. My boy . . .

I haven’t posted in a long time. A year? I wonder what I’ve been up to. I’ve certainly been writing, and have three more Ars Magica projects under my belt. I was hoping the Transylvania Tribunal would be released by Christmas, but it is looking more and more like a January release. I didn’t do much, really, and can’t yet talk about my contribution to it, but it was a fun project and I learned a hell of a lot about medieval Bosnia, Serbia, and Croatia.

Oh, I took a writing course over the summer, which was more like a writing workshop than a course, and wrote a fun short story, “Shopping to Byzantium”. So I’ve been working on a few more. I started seeing a new therapist, who is a proper asshole and I think I’m close to cutting him loose, who suggested that instead of worrying about the amount of writing I’m not doing, pick a number of words I need to write a day to stay on target with the deadline and write that many words. Perhaps that was rudimentary instruction, but it was a good practice to start. Instead of writing in fits and starts, I started to write methodically. Slowly. I don’t know if I wrote any better, but I wrote consistently. It felt good.

I few months ago I started playing guitar with Tim, another friend of mine, and the writing dropped off. I’d finished my role-playing game projects and was waiting to hear back from the editor and various playtesters. With time on my hands, I put them on the frets and strings instead of the keyboard, and started rocking and rolling. And I still am. Tim and I plan to play out in the spring and we’re filling out our song lists and practicing. It is so much fun it hurts. Well, my finger tips and left wrist do.

But, I’m not writing and I need to. So I started the 280 Program again – 280 being the number of words I had to write a day when I was working on the project that precipitated that particular therapy session – and have written every day for a week. I’ve got two goals at the moment that I want to finish, a proposal for another role-playing book (actually two but they are both for the same collection), and a short story about moronic wizards and their astute apprentice. I’d like to finish both by years’ end.

A final aside, Aug and I have limited our television viewing time and have been spending more time reading. He is reading Rumo, which I highly recommend, and I am reading The Cyberiad, which is also quite fun.

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