Is the Hiatus Over?

I have not posted in a long time, and I feel bad for the two and a half dozen people that follow my blog. Not because I’m finally posting something, but because I’m interrupting their luxurious respite from reading my drivel with nothing more than an affirmation that I’m not posting. But to be specific, I’m not posting here, but I am posting in my House Diedne blog, here. In our House Diedne blog, Toby and I are at it again, sending up fan fiction for the 13th House in Atlas Games’ fictional role-playing game Ars Magica. It is very game specific, meaning that it’s nerd central, and instead of explaining any of it, I’d rather warn readers unfamiliar with the game and with role-playing games (rpgs) in general that if you read it, you might understand it, and you might not understand it.

It is a place for Toby and me to develop parts of the House (group of like-minded wizards – here I go explaining it, right when I said I wasn’t going to explain it, but give me a break I’m still in my house robe on my first cup of coffee blogging before work) which we hope the fans of the game will enjoy. It’s also a place for me to work on creative writing, as I transition from game writing to short story writing. Yes, I’m using Atlas Games’ setting and background structure for the stories, but I’m doing my best to write an engaging short story that doesn’t demand precise knowledge of said setting and background. Hopefully, the reader can pick up the essential information from the story itself. That is the goal, anyway. We’ll see how it goes.

So, since Metropollywog has 40 followers and House Diedne has 4, one of which is me, another Toby, and the third my son, I thought I’d better drum up business here. I think Metropollywog is still linked with The Facebook – I have a creepy Facebook story I should tell sometime – so that might gather a few more views. Toby and I push new content every Friday. That is the goal, and so far we are 2 for 2. My first short story, which I’ve started and scrapped twice now, is due next Friday.

I should get dressed and get ready for my day job. My new tattoo itches like hell and I need to rub hand salve over it, which takes a few minutes because the thing is huge. My latest work of published gaming material has been let loose, and I’m very proud of it. I’m struck between books right now, trying to find something to dig into and not having any luck, although George Saunders’ newest collection of short stories is brilliant. It’s funny to see “Cortland” in print, a reference only the locals will get.

7:23. Shit. I’m late.

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One Response to Is the Hiatus Over?

  1. Lachie says:

    Thanks Matt.
    Great to hear the commitment to posting to the Diedne blog to build on the success of the recent SubRosa article.
    BTW I can’t wait to see how Hibernia looks knowing that you were the leading vision (long way to ship to Oz so won’t arrive for a while).

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