The New Glorantha Landscape

As  I mentioned, the players have made drastic changes to the face of our Glorantha. In our first session they created a road to the west from the Spike, which they have dubbed “The Lightbringers Road”. Last session, they created a Great Forest Wall and a chain of islands to stop the great flood. I’ve updated the drawn map and am including the new key.

God Age Glorantha Map ver1.png

The Key:

  1. Basmoli. Tribe of sorcerers who can shape-change into lions, worshipers of Basmol, the Lion God.
  2. Deadwoods. Southern section of the Distant Western Forest, home to specters and spirits of the dead.
  3. Dini. Home to the Storm Gods and the Storm Tribe.
  4. Distant Eastern Forest.
  5. Distant Western Forest. Home to the Hankarantalings, a Darkness Tribe led by Shankgaro, Uzlord of the West.
  6. Envorela. Home to the Durevings Tribe. The leader, Durev is carved out of wood. His father, Orstan the Elder is one of the trees growing in the White Forest.
  7. Genert’s Garden. Fertile land ruled by the giant Genert. The Genert Tribe don’t trust the Durevings and the Vingkotlings and forbid them entry into the Garden.
  8. Great Forest Wall. Built by the Hankarantalings, a large palisade that separates the Deadwoods from the Mavorela plains.
  9. Kerofinela. Also called Dragon Pass, the lands around Kero Finn Mountain. Home to the Vingkotlings Tribe.
  10. Kethaela. Home to the Earth Tribe and home of the Earth Goddess.
  11. Lightbringers Road. The path the Lightbringers took on their way to the Gates of the West.
  12. Luathela. Land of blue-skinned demigods, location of the Gates of the West.
  13. Mavorela. Great grazing lands.
  14. Solar Empire. Territory surrounding Yelm’s Palace, seat of the Sun God’s country.
  15. Sorcerers Town. Rock citadel of mortal magicians, witches, and warlocks.
  16. Umath’s Crater. Area where Umath fell, after his battle with Jagrekriand, the War God and the Sun God’s son. Umath is the father of Orlanth, the current Storm God.
  17. Uz Queendom. Troll territory.
  18. Valind’s Glacier.
  19. White Sea. The sea surrounding Umath’ Crater.
  20. Yellow Isles. String of forested islands connecting the Spike’s Yellow Forest to the Distant Eastern Forest.
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