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Peripheral Attention

Ever since we started Reckoning of the Dead, which even in its infancy is receiving some Internet notice, I’ve seen that Metropollywog gets a few daily views. Not a lot, just two, three, or maybe four, but some. I don’t … Continue reading

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Saturday Schedule

I’ve finished reading “Reign of Terror,” Chaosium’s newest release, with the intention of writing a short review of it for Reckoning of the Dead. I’m closing in on finishing the first draft of “The Founding,” the one-shot scenario Noah Lloyd … Continue reading

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Something’s Rotten on Plain St

I’ve got a cold, a gift from work I suspect, from the many people I interact with during a typical day. I was in a meeting Friday with a fellow who went home later because he didn’t feel well, and … Continue reading

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Lost in Thought

Walking to the bus today I was thinking about a piece I’m writing, running sentences through my head as I walked the the same route I’ve walked everyday for the past three years. I stopped at a crosswalk – Court … Continue reading

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What Started as a Game Session Report turned into a Review of “A Time to Harvest”

I’ve got my complaints with Chaosium’s A Time to Harvest, an adventure released in installments for organized play. According to plan, groups all across the country, perhaps world, received monthly installments and then run each episode for their gaming groups. … Continue reading

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The Family plays Call of Cthulhu

I’ve been playing A Time to Harvest with some mates at the local comic book store, and it’s been great fun watching the players react to the horrors found at Cobb’s Corners, a small town in Vermont terrorized by Lovecraftian … Continue reading

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Beach Reading RuneQuest Classic

I’m not writing anything these days, and noticing that I’m not I thought I should start. If you stumble across this, read this as a practice essay, a work in progress. Perhaps a review in progress, but I don’t feel … Continue reading

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